Insurance claim reports

  If you have water damaged your new laptop or device and are in the process of submitting an insurance claim you will need a report from an expert detailing the damage and repair costs. Repairs can often exceed the cost of replacement but reports are necessary for the insurance claim to be processed. Depending […]

Avoid the stress of setting up new tech. devices on Christmas Day

  If you are buying some new tech. presents for Christmas, why not avoid the stress of setting up the new devices on Christmas Day and get it done in advance? Many items can be configured before you wrap them up, so they will work straight out of the box when they are unwrapped. Get […]

Mac high sierra root access

If you’ve got a Mac running high sierra you should set a root password if other people have physical access to your computer The Hacker News – Mac os password hack  

Kids Smartwatches

Think very carefully before considering getting your child a smart watch as they are not as secure as they should be! Naked Security Sophos – kids smartwatches

iOS 11 problems

If you have recently upgraded your iPhone to iOS 11, 11.0.1 or 11.0.2 and are experiencing problems, including severe battery drain, it might be worth considering restoring your iPhone back to 10.3.3 until Apple release an update that works properly. If you decide to restore your phone back it up first using iTunes. Then follow […]

Yahoo data breach

If you have a Yahoo account you should change your passwords immediately and enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Also, if you are using the same password and answers to security questions somewhere else, change them too. The Hacker News – Yahoo Breach