Be Scam Safe

iOS-17 update

Many iPhone users who upgraded their iPhones to the recently-released iOS 17 will be alarmed to hear that they may have actually downgraded their security and privacy. That’s because Apple took the opportunity to make a change to users’ privacy settings – without asking for permission, and without even notifying users it was doing so. […]

Annual Leave

  AR Computer Repairs will be closed for annual leave Monday 31st July – Thursday 10th August. We reopen on Friday 11th August. For urgent repairs please email and put URGENT in the subject line and a full description of the problem in the email and we will pass this on to a team […]

Computer servicing and cleaning

It is important to regularly clean out the dirt from your computer’s heat sink and fan on the CPU, graphics card and power supply. Failure to do so can cause overheating, your computer to run more slowly and components to fail. Cleaning is included as part of a computer service along with checking the health […]