October Windows 10 Update

Don’t install the October Windows 10 update just yet!   Which  – October Windows 10 update fail

Google Chrome users at risk

If you let Google Chrome save your passwords then you could be at risk.   https://www.newsweek.com/millions-home-wi-fi-networks-risk-hacking-cybersecurity-firm-claims-1105525

McAfee phishing scam

If you get a McAfee subscription reminder pop up while you are web browsing don’t click on the link as it is a phishing scam! https://www.onlinethreatalerts.com/article/2018/6/24/fraud-your-mcafee-subscription-has-expired-phishing-scam/

Fortnite fraud

Warning to all Fortnite gamers   https://actionfraud.police.uk/news/fraudsters-targeting-online-gamers-jun18

Tesco.net email address

Are you still using a tesco.net email address?   If so you need to act fast as this service will be terminated on the 27th June. As well as setting up a new address with another provider like hotmail or gmail you can set up a forward on your old tesco address to forward any […]