Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  AR Computer Repairs are still open but are no longer doing callouts/house visits or working inside customers premises. Having thought long and hard about it visiting over 100 different customers per month is not a good idea and would put both myself and my customers at greater risk of infection.   The current ways […]

Sanitising your computer

If you want to clean or sanitise your laptop, keyboard, screen or mouse please do NOT pour or spay any cleaning liquid onto it as this will probably damage it resulting in a costly repair! You can use cleaning wipes or spray onto/dampen a microfibre cloth and carefully wipe with that. At this time all […]

How often do you clean your keyboard & mouse?

How often do you clean your keyboard & mouse? If more than one person uses the computer it is recommended you clean it more often.

Samsung mobile notification

Did you see this on your Samsung phone?  

Google Chrome 0-day Bug

Make sure you update Google Chrome

Windows Defender Bug

There is currently a major bug in Windows Defender, the free antivirus software that ships with Windows 10.   Running a Quick or Full scan will fail after a few seconds. If you need to run a scan before a fix is released you can run a custom scan.

Please click here for the latest information on our Covid precautions.