No Caller ID

If the new customer who just called me 16/11/2018 15:06 and left a voicemail about water damage in their MacBook Air sees this please can you call me back as I am unable to call you as you blocked your number and did not leave any contact details in your message!  

iOS 12.1

Yes, you should update your iPhone to iOS 12.1, but its lock screen is *still* unsafe Read more about it here

October Windows 10 Update

Don’t install the October Windows 10 update just yet!   Which  – October Windows 10 update fail

Google Chrome users at risk

If you let Google Chrome save your passwords then you could be at risk.

McAfee phishing scam

If you get a McAfee subscription reminder pop up while you are web browsing don’t click on the link as it is a phishing scam!