Coronavirus (COVID-19)


AR Computer Repairs are still open but are no longer doing callouts/house visits or working inside customers premises.

Having thought long and hard about it visiting over 100 different customers per month is not a good idea and would put both myself and my customers at greater risk of infection.


The current ways of repair.

  • We still offer phone support and will try and solve your computer problem this way if possible.


  • Remote access. If the computer still boots and can connect to the internet it is possible for you to give remote access permission using a program called TeamViewer. This allows me to see what’s on your screen and control things remotely to fix the problem. You have to give me the code shown in TeamViewer each time you want me to connect remotely. Only give this code to people you trust when you want them to have access and never to anyone that has cold called you


  • By arrangement you can still drop off computers for repair as not all problems can be repaired remotely.

Please only book this if you and everyone in your household are feeling well and not self-isolating or recently come into contact with anyone that is now self-isolating as a precaution.


The following procedure will be explained again when booking.

At the agreed time a table will be put outside the front porch so you can place the items for repair on it. I will be outside on the drive and maintain a social distance so we will be able to talk.

The items will be cleaned and sanitised before being taken inside to be worked on.

Once work is complete the items will be cleaned and sanitised again and put back on the table for collection at an agreed time. I will again be outside at a social distance to answer any questions and also to make sure no one else removes your property!

The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer and I will supply you with the bank details. If you can’t do bank transfers you can pay by cheque which should be put on the table.

Cash can only be accepted by prior arrangement for low value repairs.

If we all follow this procedure carefully we will all help reduce the risk and enable me to continue to offer this service to help lots of people who now rely on their computer for food shopping as well as those of us that are now working from home.

Please click here for the latest information on our Covid precautions.