Computer drop off & collection procedure


AR Computer Repairs are still open but are no longer doing callouts/house visits or working inside customers premises.

By arrangement you can still drop off computers for repair as not all problems can be repaired remotely.

Please only book this if you and everyone in your household are feeling well and not self-isolating or have recently come into contact with anyone who is now self-isolating as a precaution.

Drop-off and collections can ONLY be done at a prearranged time during business hours which are 9am-6pm Monday – Friday and 9.30am – 2pm Saturdays.


How can I help?

Please wipe down your computer & accessories before bringing them round and after you pick them up.

Either use wipes or spray antibacterial surface cleaner onto a cloth and wipe with this.

DO NOT spray or pour any cleaning liquid directly onto your computer or accessories!

*** If dropping off a laptop please bring its charging lead and mains plug ***

Make a note of any passwords needed to logon to the computer along with your contact details.


What is the procedure for dropping off or picking up a computer?

At the agreed time, a table will be put outside my front porch so you can place the items for repair on it. I will be outside on the drive and maintain a social distance (approx 4 meters away) so we will be able to talk.

The items will be cleaned and sanitised before being taken inside to be worked on.

Once work is complete the items will be cleaned and sanitised again and put back on the table for collection at an agreed time. I will again be outside at a social distance to answer any questions and also to make sure no one else removes your property!

My address and map to find me can be found here

Please use this to help calculate how long it will take you to arrive when booking a drop off or collection.

Items can be booked in to be dropped off or collected either on the hour or on the half hour between 9am and 6pm.

The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer and I will supply you with the bank details. If you can’t do bank transfers you can pay by cheque which should be put on the table.

Cash can only be accepted by prior arrangement for low value repairs.

If we all follow this procedure carefully we will all help reduce the risk and enable me to continue to offer this service to help lots of people who now rely on their computer for food shopping as well as those of us that are now working from home.

All drop off and collections can only be done when the weather is dry so the necessary equipment sanitation can take place. If it starts raining we will have to rearrange.

NOTE – If you find you can no longer arrive at the agreed time please contact me ASAP. First so I don’t spend hours waiting outside for you and also so you do not arrive at a time that someone else is booked for.